Spruce Up Your Home’s Summer Curb Appeal!

May 20, 2015 3:17 pm

Summer is near and it’s the perfect time to use those extra daylight hours to work on outdoor projects for your home. Spruce up your curb appeal by adding touches reflecting your personality and style!

Here are 10 simple ways to add curb appeal to your home. Click each topic to see a video with simple instructions to make you successful

1.  Makeover your mailbox – Try painting or replacing your mailbox to match the exterior of your home. If your mailbox is already up to par, try freshening up the wooden base by using a wood stain. Another great option is to add a small flowerbed at the base for some extra color!

770_36464142.  Front door facelift – Consider painting or staining your front door to give it a fresh new look. This is an excellent time to make a bold color choice that will allow your home to stand out.

3. Clean the exterior of your home – Most hardware and home improvement stores rent pressure washers, or you can hire someone to come pressure wash the exterior of your home. Removing all the mold, mildew and pollen that builds up on vinyl siding, sidewalks and porches can make a world of difference in your curb appeal.

4. Camouflage the appliances – Hiding your air conditioning unit and trash cans in a small shed or building a lattice to keep them out of view is a great option for hiding these unsightly items. You can also consider planting tall plants around outdoor appliances to keep them camouflaged.

5. Give your front porch a facelift – A clean and cozy front porch sets the mood for the rest of your home. If you have a porch or sitting area, add a couple chairs and a side table to make it appear more welcoming!

6. Add some colorDon’t let bright colors intimidate you! Add some bold colored flowers in with your shrubbery to make your flowerbeds pop! Color can also direct attention to a certain area while pulling it away from something else. So, if you have an area of your yard 988_4195737that you don’t want to be focused on, try adding bright colored flowers to a different area.

7. Keep up with your lawn care – It may seem simple, but basic lawn care that is well kept can add significant value to your homes curb appeal. Make sure to keep your lawn and shrubbery well manicured as well as watering your plants and flowers to keep them lively.

8. Install new house numbers – If your house has old or faded numbers on it, purchase new ones to spruce up curb appeal. Try to match the numbers with the exterior trim and fixtures of your home.

9. Clean your windows – Make sure your windows are sparkling clean so the summer sun can shine through and add natural lighting to your home! If windows are difficult to reach, it might be beneficial to hire someone to clean them!

10. Plant a tree – A tree by your entrance is so welcoming! Be sure to choose a tree that is appropriate for your climate and weather conditions.

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